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Delphi / C++ Roadmap

EKON9 conference, Germany, David Intersimone presented DeXter, the next upcoming version of Delphi and the Delphi / C++ Builder roadmap during 2005-2008. I have also updated my Delphi codenames article. Borland promised that DeXter will focus on performance and quality, things that missed on DiamondBack (Delphi2005). Well as we have known, Delphi 2005 quality is out of Delphiers expectation (even Borland expectation) as most of Delphiers are well-tuned developer, which quality and performance are the important things. As you’ve known, there are 3 official updates for DiamondBack and unofficial patches released by Allen Bauer, but on my day-to-day basis, the updates dan patches are not enough, my Diamondback still far from stable and reliable.

Delphi / C++ Roadmap
Courtessy of David Intersimone

Back to Borland roadmap as you can see on the picture above, DeXter, which will be out at end of year, will integrate Delphi, C# and C++ in same IDE, ECO-III, 64bit support for .NET and a full-blown version of Together for Delphi.

The next version, codenamed Highlander, will support net 2.0 and provide a VCL for .NET 2.0, VCL for Compact Framework, support for 64bit .NET 2.0.

Next, Delphi for Vista (2007) will include a VCL for Avalon and Indigo support.

And last, Delphi/C++ for win64, well I think you can figure out what it is.

But I disappointed about Borland support for 64bit native compiler, why it takes so long time, about next 2-3 years as the hardwares and OSes are ready now. There are Opteron, AMD64 and Windows XP 64bit out of there which ready to use now.

Afterall, I really happy with borland for their works. Hopefully DeXter will mature and expect our standards.

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