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Thinking about Delphi 2006

Delphi 2006 is not Delphi anymore. Oh, dont be sad and confused, Delphi still Delphi and still being our favourite development tool. According to Borland press release about Delphi 2006 announcement and its datasheet, Delphi 2006 is part of Borland Developer Studio 2006. The package is also contain C++Builder 2006 and C#Builder 2006. Wow, we got multi-languages feature-rich rapid application development tool ever. But the names may confuse people since if you buy BDS 2006 or Delphi 2006 or C++ Builder 2006 or C# Builder 2006 or whatever you named it, you get the same bundle product.

Ok, lets stop about the names. Now, how about its new features offered. Based on features and key highlights listed in Delphi 2006 datasheet and feature summary from Marco Cantu blogs, my interested features are about how IDE provides us subset features to speed our productivity up such as more refactorings, VCL live guidelines, live templates and block completion. The full-blown version of Together for Delphi provides two-way class diagram modeling, UML diagram suite, audit and metrics and document generation from source code and model.

A faster memory manager by using FastMM4 and speed improvement by using some of FastCode projects bring us faster IDE startup, responsive and quite stable environment and also improve project and application load speed dramatically.

Debugging is even improved and enhanced with remote debugging, expandable evaluator, tooltips, watches, local variables view and selective symbol table loading.

The ECO III allow us to define state machine, overloaded OCL expressions, improved UML designer and many more. The new database explorer, BDP connection pooling, BDP SQL tracing and Datahub error reconciliation for .NET platform. BDS2006 is also integrated Borland Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products such as StarTeam User Experience, StarTeam Server and CaliberRM User Experience.

Web development is even easier with ASP.NET tag editor and source preservation and rapid web building with IntraWeb 8.

In the other hand, I didnt see any information about improvements and optimizations on the compiler sides. Has Delphi compiler used modern compilation concept and techniques, I dont know.

The last thing, I hope Delphi 2006’s quality, performance and stability are back since Delphi 2005’s are out of my expectation. Well, in order to get more information about Delphi 2006, at least, I have to wait till December 2005 or January 2006 to get Delphi 2006 run on my machine.

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  1. February 19, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Udah cobain BDS2006? Aku dah beli lisensinya, cuma yang profesionalnya. Penasaran ama Eco III, itu cuma di Architect ya?

  2. bprasetio
    February 19, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    iya mas, ECO cuman ada di Architect..

    aq malah sekarang beli lisence TurboDelphi Professional for Win32, diminta bos develop pake TD Pro. Dan aq sih lebih prefer ke TD soalnya lebih ringan waktu loading (walaupun di BDS juga bisa, lewat Win32 Personality dan beberapa tweak n tunning – karena TD juga basisnya BDS – or sebaliknya..??)

  3. February 20, 2007 at 3:12 pm

    Aku mau ada project pake C# juga. Jadinya pake BDS2006. Lagian di rumahku aku pake pc yang rada lumayan kenceng. Core 2 duo dengan RAM 2 Gig. Dan aku beli BDS jauh sebelum Turbo keluar.

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