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My First Experience on Delphi2006 Migration

Well, after has been frustating for several months of using the unstable Delphi2005, I decided to use Delphi2006 (Borland Developer Studio 2006). So here my first experience day of using Delphi2006.

First of all, I decided not to uninstall my Delphi2005 because of both technical and non-technical reasons. I’m developing some projects which havent finished yet with Delphi2005, so if I uninstall it and I faced something wrong with Delphi2006, I will have serious problems. Besides, all of my components must be migrated to Delphi2006, its Ok if the migration succeed, but what will be happen if it fail? I must spend lot of time to restoring system and environment to Delphi2005 again!

Then, I backed up all of my projects and components, including the compiled forms such as dcu, tlb, dll, exe and bpl.

Next, I install the Delphi2006, with complete installation option, except for CaliberRM SDK, because I didnt need it yet. After a couple of hours (I must install the prerequisites first), the installation was completed. I really impressed with the personality of Delphi2006. The load time of DeveloperStudio and Win32 personalities are relatively fast.

Then, I deleted all of bpl on BorlandStudioProjects folder, because it contains bpl from my Delphi2005 components. Next I recompile my components. First of all, I installed my favourite components. It seem the migration didnt fit my expectation. There are some changes to be done.

Although JEDI is included into the Borland Partner DVD, the JCL could not be installed by using automatic installer as its provided, I must install it manualy as I treat it like any other components installation. The JVCL itself could be installed without any problems.

The second component I installed is Woll2Woll Infopower4000 Pro. Uhh. I must change the code several times. I must add Delphi RTL version to VER180 manualy on the conditional compilation directive in order to be recognized by compiler. There are some type-name changes from DBTables.pas unit: TButtonSet become TNavButtonSet and split the TKeyIndex to different unit: DBCommonTypes.pas.

Then I tried to load and compile one of my project which used the two components above. The IDE seem stable and fast and good looking. And viola my project compiled successfully.

So, thats all about my first day experience with Delphi2006.

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