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DelphiSpeedUp Expert

Here, if you want to speed your Delphi up, DelphiSpeedUp (DSU) expert is the one you should try. This expert was created byAndreas Hausladen. http://www.delphipraxis.net/topic80522_delphi+7+ide+speedup+auch+d5+d6.html

This expert improves the whole Delphi IDE speed by replacing the RTL functions by functions from the FastCode project (http://fastcode.sourceforge.net) and some other faster functions and alogorthms. It also disables the “Source has changed. Do you want to rebuild?” dialog that appears if you have accidentally changed a file while debugging the application.

Here my snapshot of my original BDS2006 splash screen (before install DSU)

BDS2006 snapshot before install DSU

Here the DSU Installer / Uninstaller:

DSU Installer / Uninstaller

DSU loaded earlier by the helper package, located at ‘Known IDE Packages’ registry entry:

DSU saved at Known IDE Packages

My BDS2006 spash screen with DSU installed:

my BDS2006 with DSU

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  1. darvesth
    February 11, 2008 at 11:53 am

    mas bayu saya boleh bertanya diblog anda g?tapi pertanyaan beda banget sama yang ada ditopik!!!

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