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BDS2006 Update #2 Is Available

April 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Well, finally the Update #2 for BDS2006 is available, the unapproved announcement I post several days ago was true, but its now become approved announcement 🙂 so here the link:,1410,33463,00.html

I’ve not tried this update yet, because at the time I wrote this post, I was downloading it. Hopefully the update offers more stability, performance, compatibility and security.

Happy updating 🙂

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New BDS Community Welcome Page

April 17, 2006 Leave a comment

Today, I updated my old WelcomePage with new one from CodeCentral. The UI had different looks and feels. So I’ve added some links to the RSSFeed in order to retrieve contents from my favourites addresses. btw You can download it from CodeCentral:
here my old WelcomePage (click to enlarge)

My Old WelcomePage

and here my new one (click to enlarge):

My New WelcomePage

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Unapproved BDS2006 Update 2 Announcement?

April 17, 2006 Leave a comment

I got a link from someone at Google Groups about BDS2006 Update 2 with the URL provided. But the download link didnt work and when I cheked to the download area, the Update2 isnt available yet. The people at Google Groups discussed it, and guessed that this announcement is unaproved yet.

So, here the link:,1410,33463,00.html
and snapped announcement (click to enlarge):

Unofficial Announcement BDS2006 Update 2

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