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Aulia is Now Blogging :)

July 14, 2006 1 comment

Ho ho ho.. Oli is now blogging. He rent a domain caled The first thing he done was installing blog engine. He chose WordPress. After several efforts, his blog run well. Next he post his ‘hello world’ :), added several his friends’s blog link and promote his blog to others.

Well.. happy blogging Oli.. I’m waiting for your contents.

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Mystic: My New Text Viewer

July 11, 2006 Leave a comment

For several years, I’m using Notepad as my default text viewer (yes text viewer because I rarely use it to edit or write, hehehe) because it light and fast to load. I’m ever using UltraEdit32, but unfortunatelly it is shareware. Another my text viewer is Crimson Editor. It also light, support syntax highlighting and free.

As time goes by, I want my text editor had CodeFold/CodeWrap support, but none of them had it. Today I’m looking at SynEdit homepage, my favourite syntax highlighter delphi component, hoping any updates there. I’m exploring through forums but still no CodeFold/CodeWrap support, except from Piotr Jura about his SynEdit based text viewer called Mystic.

So I jump to Mystic homepage and read some informations there. Yes it support CodeFold/CodeWrap. So after successfull download, I run Mystic, and viola.. I get CodeFolding working….


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