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Alasan Mengapa Upgrade Ke Delphi2006

Oke, kalo pada post sebelumnya saya bahas post Nick Hodges mengenai Alasan Mengapa Tidak Upgrade Ke Delphi2006, kini, biar seimbang saya sajikan post Nick Hodges mengenai Alasan Mengapa Harus Upgrade Ke Delphi2006.

Berikut kutipannya:

Why you should upgrade to D2006 from your version of D7 and earlier.

  1. Quality – Delphi 2006 is a high quality tool. The quality continues to improve as we release hot-fixes for the product. We heard you on this issue and responded with a good solid product that is only getting better.
  2. ECO — ECO is now in all of the editions of the product — Architect, Enterprise, and Professional. You can build ECO apps that completely manage your objects and your database for you, just with a model. The new State Machines makes managing
  3. Live Templates — Live Templates are really, really cool. I’ve gotten so used to them and use them so extensively that if I run Delphi 7, it drives me nuts not to have them. I am constantly seeing and of course taking opportunities to create new Live Templates. You can watch hereto find out more about Live Templates. The productivity boost I get from these is huge.
  4. VCL Designer Guidelines — These things flat out rock. You can create great looking forms in just minutes with these things. Everything lines up like ducks in a row with the guidelines. Super easy to get everything spaced perfectly. No entering values in the Object Inspector. No more right-clicking for menu items. No more hunting up the alignment toolbar. It’s all right there in the form designer.
  5. Four Languages in One — You get Delphi for Win32, Delphi for .Net, C#, and C++Builder all in one IDE. Load them all or one at a time. If you are only just thinking about .Net, you can get all the great new functionality for the Win32 side and get a look at the new .NET stuff.
  6. New VCL Features — In concert with the VCL Designer Guidelines, the VCL has been enhanced to make it easier for you to control margins, padding, and alignment of controls. The idea is to make it easier to control layouts and spacing of your controls. By using the new Margins, Padding, and AlignWithMargins controls, you have better control over form layout.
  7. New VCL Components— BDS 2006 has some cool new VCL components. The TGridPanel and TFlowPanel allow you to layout your controls in a simple, straightforward way, even if the form gets resized. The TCategoryButtons control is the same one used by the new Tool Palette and lets you group buttons.
  8. Refactorings — These are really cool and really powerful and really productive. Some people are skeptical about that, but I can only conclude they haven’t used them. I use the Rename and Extract Method refactorings all the time. You can see some of the Refactorings in action here.
  9. History Tab— Here’s what I like about the History Tab. It makes me braver. I know that I can safely try something I’m not sure about in my code, because I can rollback to any point along the way. I set the history limit to 90 (the largest number you can) and I get 90 saves of safe coding. I can peek back to see where I was, and do a Diff
  10. The Bundled Products — If you upgrade to BDS2006, you get four really cool products for free. You get the Borland Edition of Castalia, the Borland Edition of CodeHealer, the Borland Edition of BeyondCompare, and for you C++ guys, the Borland Edition of BuilderBooster. (Go hereand click on “FREE Third Party Tools”. You have to be a registered BDS2006 user to get there. ) These are not trials, they are fully functioning versions of the products. For free.
  11. Two Way Modeling— All editions of BDS2006 — Architect, Enterprise, and Professional — includes the powerful Together modeling tools. You get UML modeling and class modeling. You get full two-way diagrams. Make a change in code, and the diagram is updated. Make a change in the diagram, and your code changes. All right in the IDE. Pretty cool.
  12. Cool New Tool Palette — I love that it is very easy to find a component with CTRL-ALT-P. I love that you can easily create and organize the components however you want. I love that it’s not a big, long strip of hard to find tabs. What I do is put all the common components that I use all the time (Labels, edits, etc.) right at the top.
  13. Expandable Debugger Hints — The debugger now gives you a hierarchical view of any item that it is inspecting. You can expand or collapse your look at objects, both in the debug windows and in the popup hints. This is very nice, because everything is much better organized and easier to read and interpret.
  14. Tons of little things — The Structure Pane is really cool. You can use the pinning feature of the docked windows to create a code only view while still making important windows very easily accessible. The HTML editor is really cool (I’m writing this blog post with it.) I love closing editor tabs with the middle mouse button. The DataExplorer lets me manage databases right in the IDE. After debugging, the debugger closes any files that it opens up while debugging. I could go on.

And that is just off the top of my head!

So, what do you love about BDS 2006?

Yap… intinya, perubahan lebih banyak pada level IDE untuk meningkatkan produktivitas developer.

Mengenai Quality..?? BDS2006 memang lebih stabil dari BDS2005, tapi dibanding D7 masih kalah stabil.

hmm.. simak pula comments dari pengunjung, silahkan ikuti link di atas.. dijamin menarik 🙂

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  1. marwan
    January 26, 2008 at 11:23 am

    untuk menjaga kesalahan input tanggal pada database delphi bagaimana ya pak.?

  2. bprasetio
    January 26, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    Gunakan Parameter yang ada pada query (Parameterized query)…

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