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CodeRepository v1.00 Beta 4 Is Out

August 11, 2005 Leave a comment

As I promissed before, CodeRepository v1.00 Beta 4 is out now. Here the changes since prior release:

  • Better user interface by using JEDI
  • Mimic Delphi2005 gutter and its syntax highlighter for Object Pascal code
  • Move Category and Code Snippet to another branch by Drag-n-Drop (DnD)
  • Embed Firebird Embedded Server into application with auto-extract and auto-cleanup feature

For additional information about what CodeRepository is, screenshots and downloads, you can visit CodeRepository website at

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CodeRepository Test Phase

August 8, 2005 Leave a comment

As I stated before that CodeRepository is closer to next Beta-4 release, I’ve been testing it and adding some pending features.

The one of unresolved CodeFault is the description for ReturnValue could not be displayed in the grid. However, it was saved to the database.

Other issue is about control sensing. Some portions to perform notification process to the status bar are missing. So intensive tests are absolutely needed.

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CodeRepository Closer to the Beta-4 version

August 5, 2005 Leave a comment

One of my open source application, called CodeRepository is now closer to the Beta-4 version and will be released soon.

The changes are mostly located at user interface design. We use JEDI and remove the mxOutlookBar component. We also embed ‘Firebird Embedded Server’ into the application, so everyone who use CodeRepository do not need to have Firebird Embedded Server on their machine.

Stay tuned everybody..

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