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OSMark 1 Beta 8b VIA Edition Released

November 17, 2005 1 comment

A new still beta version of OpenSourceMark has been releasedwith some fixes and enhancements.

Here the Release Notes:

• PNGOut test will no longer abort and produce inflated scores (this problem was a relative file path issue).
• Results are now written out each minute at battery levels < = 10% for the Max Power test and <= 8% for the Min Power test because battery level resolution is often inaccurate and systems can die well before reaching the 3% OpenSourceMark cutoff level.
• Prescott P4 L1d cache sizes now report correctly.
• CPU affinity asserted during clock speed measurements to ensure TSC is read from the same CPU at both starting and ending samples.

• Once a Mobile test is initiated, OpenSourceMark will beep at one second intervals until the power is unplugged at which time the benchmark will stop beeping and start that mobile test.
• I’ve implemented the beginnings of a command driven interface. Currently the very crude implementation recognizes the following commands: getcurrentdir, dir , officialrun, pstatetest, cd , rdmsr , wrmsr , getnumberofcpus, run , cmd.
• There is now a very simple P-State test that can only be accessed through the command “pstatetest”.

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