Delphi Package Selector

Delphi Package Selector is a tool to customize what packages to be loaded during Delphi IDE starts.

The Packages including Design-Time Packages, IDE Packages, Assemblies, IDE Assemblies and Experts.

Delphi Package Selector features are:

  • Choose what packages are loaded when Delphi IDE starts
  • Change the load sequence of packages when Delphi IDE starts
  • Add and remove packages to be loaded on next Delphi IDE starts, with simple package version checking to ensure package to be added is valid for selected Delphi IDE version
  • Save and load package selection

By activating the right and needed packages only, Delphi IDE can be loaded faster and uses less memory footprint.

Delphi Package Selector can be downloaded from Torry or Local Here.

Version History

v1.13 [August 19, 2007]
– Add accelerator key for all buttons
– Add refresh button to refresh the loaded package information

v1.11 [August 14, 2007]
– Fix ‘load bug’: Buttons are not in correct state (Apply, Save, etc)

v1.10 [June 18, 2007]
– New feature to save and load package selection

v1.01 [June 16, 2007]
– Add minor hints
– Fix minor bugs

v1.0 [June 11, 2007]
– Add some hints
– Fix some bugs

v1.0-Beta2 [June 8, 2007]
– New feature to add and remove packages

– First public beta release


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