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DelphiSpeedUp v1.6 Released

April 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Well, the new version of DelphiSpeedUp has been released. Its v1.6 now, here the changes:

– Switched to newer FastMove version.
– FastCode functions are now selected by the actual CPU
– Fixed MSVCRT.StrLen/StrCmp bug (caused AVs)
– Some new speed improvements for BDS 2006
– Added version number to spash screen
– Fixed FastObj bug with classes that overwrite TObject/TInterfacedObject.NewInstance
– Moved VCL and IDE related code out of Utils and FastRTL.

* Delphi 2005 support still not tested
And here the added version number to splash screen:

BDS2006 with DSU 1.6 installed

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DelphiSpeedUp Expert

April 26, 2006 1 comment

Here, if you want to speed your Delphi up, DelphiSpeedUp (DSU) expert is the one you should try. This expert was created byAndreas Hausladen.

This expert improves the whole Delphi IDE speed by replacing the RTL functions by functions from the FastCode project ( and some other faster functions and alogorthms. It also disables the “Source has changed. Do you want to rebuild?” dialog that appears if you have accidentally changed a file while debugging the application.

Here my snapshot of my original BDS2006 splash screen (before install DSU)

BDS2006 snapshot before install DSU

Here the DSU Installer / Uninstaller:

DSU Installer / Uninstaller

DSU loaded earlier by the helper package, located at ‘Known IDE Packages’ registry entry:

DSU saved at Known IDE Packages

My BDS2006 spash screen with DSU installed:

my BDS2006 with DSU

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AntiCrash Crashed :D

April 24, 2006 Leave a comment

I’ve been using Dachshund softwares, AntiCrash, BatteryDoubler and Hare in order to improve stability, battery lifetime and performance of my system. AntiCrash is a fully-featured anti-crash suite: it can intercept and repair crashes automatically, and can also find and repair most PC problems with a single click, but I noticed that my AntiCrash was crashed, how to reproduce it? Here we go.

Choose Unfreeze Programs feature from Other tab
Step 1

In the Unfreeze window, there is a list running applications

Step 2

Lets click one of them, and I got this window 😀

Step 3

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BDS2006 Update #2 Installation (2)

April 24, 2006 Leave a comment

Here I posted the snapshot steps of myBDS2006 Update #2 installation.

BDS2006 Update #2 Step 7

BDS2006 Update #2 Step 8

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BDS2006 Update#2 Installation (1)

April 24, 2006 Leave a comment

Here I posted the snapshot steps of myBDS2006 Update #2 installation.

BDS2006 Update #2 Step 1

BDS2006 Update #2 Step 2

BDS2006 Update #2 Step 3

BDS2006 Update #2 Step 4

BDS2006 Update #2 Step 5

BDS2006 Update #2 Step 6

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